Lydia Cooke is a Cornish model, blogger and aspiring presenter with a strong passion for the world we live in. As an outdoor lover with a degree in Ba Geography from the University of Exeter and a jumble of careers from the past, Lydia seeks to spend her days outside in nature exploring the Cornish coastline. As well as being seen working for and alongside all varieties of brands, Lydia uses her social media for discussions based around environmental activism, mental wellbeing and Cornish living. Her voice has been heard as one that promotes the importance of escapism and its unprecedented impact on our mind.

Her work has taken her to wonderful places and has provided the opportunity to meet incredible creatives along the way, many of which can be spotted in her portfolio or across her social media. As a model who resides in the more rural ends of England, her connection to local creatives also provides the opportunity to organise remote shoots for clients further afield.

Lydia volunteers for the Cornish charity ShelterBox, a humanitarian organisation providing shelter and aid to families struck by disaster and conflict. Her goal in life is to present documentaries based on topics of humanitarian displacement and climate change. You can read more about these passions through her blogs.

Thank you for visiting this site and place do not hold back from contacting her here for any topics or ideas discussed. You can also find her directly through Instagram here.

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