The Cornish Veggie: Dinner at Springtide, Charlestown.

If you haven’t been to Charlestown before, you’ll find it to be a picture-perfect representation of the quaint Cornish South Coast. Nestled to the side of the harbour you’ll spot the town’s newest foodie addition ‘Springtide’, a restaurant that offers a range of dishes including fresh seafood and of course, veggie delights. After a stroll along the historic harbour, we were invited in to trial a three-course menu

Welcomed by light and tasteful décor along with the smiling faces of attentive staff, Springtide offers a beautiful interior and a space I can envision hosting a diverse range of occasions. With outdoor space overlooking the harbour and cosy, well-lit spaces inside, springtide is well and truly prepared for the changeable Cornish weather.

– To Start –

Like any good meal, I started by browsing the cocktail menu which offered a range of the usual favourites and the addition of some adapted recipes. With the Cornish pre-summer sun beaming in I felt the melon margarita would be a perfect choice. Balanced with sweet and zesty tones I can happily say this is one of the best cocktails I’ve had.

Forever besotted by the sight of arancini, my starter was a no-brainer for me. Filled with wild mushrooms and dressed with Old Winchester, black truffle, truffle aioli and rocket, these arancini balls were the perfect first impression for the Springtide’s attention to vegetarian customers. The crisp coating and melt-in-the-mouth centre made for a meal I could indulge in time and time again. My guest and boyfriend, Tyler, opted for the Cornish praised pork croquettes.

– For Mains –

For my main, I was torn between the aubergine steak and linguine a la putanesca (a rare occurrence considering most places only offer limited options) so like any indecisive person does, I asked our waitress for help. She recommended that the linguine is a popular order at the springtide and so worth trying. Accompanied by an impressively tasty garlic ciabatta, the linguine a la putenesca provided a welcome burst of fresh garden flavours with a nod to the Cornish summer. Colourful in aesthetic and rich in taste, I’m glad I listened to the staff’s recommendation.

Tyler’s choice was the surf and turf which included a 12-hour blade of Cornish beef, garlic & parsley tiger prawns and scallops, and rosemary fries. Even I could appreciate how incredible this local collaboration of meats and fish looked.

– To Finish –

To finish we both ordered the white chocolate and blueberry sundae, a choice that offered fresh tastes partnered with a creamy and sweet base. The sundae was surprisingly light considering its contents and was the perfect pallet cleanser for our meal.

– To Reflect –

Won over by the varied menu, quality of food and friendly staff, Springtide has risen high on our list of recommendations for Cornish foodies and visitors. We would like to thank the staff at Springtide for keeping us comfortable, well-fed, and watered. If you are intrigued to try this incredible place yourself you can head to their website and book here.

Are you heading to Springtide or have been already? Let us know your thoughts and favourite dishes below!

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