Sustainable Fashion with Sancho’s

I have always been an advocate for supporting smaller and more local brands, but Sancho’s exceeds expectations. Their passion for sustainability, humanitarian development and style is an inspiration to the world of fashion…

About Sancho’s

After seeing the effects of fast fashion whilst travelling in developing countries, such as Ethiopia, Sancho’s was founded in 2014 with core values to abolish the negative impacts that they uncovered. From the comfort of our homes and overflowing online shopping baskets, we rarely see the issues that Sancho’s team came across.

At first hand they discovered challenges in these communities surrounding low wages, mass dumping, social disruption and environmental destruction. Sancho’s belief quickly became to identify these problems and remove them from our consumerist actions, whilst expressing the idea that it shouldn’t cost the earth to wear sustainable fashion.

“Despite the disappointing nature of the fast fashion industry, we are realists and we know that the only way to provide the opportunity for sustainable development to millions of people around the world is through jobs. That is why we are committed to bringing ethical and sustainable brands to customers looking to make a positive change and to provide more options for conscious individuals.” – Sancho’s Team

Sancho’s can be found in the heart of Devon in Exeter, a city close to my childhood home. Their shops stock carefully selected clothing, accessories and gifts that are certified fair trade and constructed from sustainable natural fabrics. From high quality dresses to upcycled silver, Sancho’s drives to provide style in an ethical sense.

My Gift: The Oliana Jumpsuit

As part of this project I was lucky enough to receive the most beautiful product, the ‘Oliana’ jumpsuit, and instantly fell in love. This particular garment came from Assisi, a social enterprise in India striving to offer fair working conditions, access to jobs and the opportunity for a stable income in this developing community.  Researched and carefully selected by the Sancho’s team, the skilled artisans at Assisi transform Fairtrade and organic cotton fibre into beautiful items like the Oliana jumpsuit.

I knew the quality was going to be good but even so I underestimated its true potential. Made from 95% organic certified cotton, the fabric is smooth, soft on my skin and above all absolutely gorgeous. Trialled and tested on the colourful streets of Lyme Regis, It’s the perfect base item for dressing up, casual strolls, heading in to work or simply lounging around; something we’re all getting used to in the current global state. Fitting like a glove it made for amazing comfort with a button on the v-neck for the option of altered styles and coverage.

In days like these where acrylic £5 dresses can be delivered to your door step next day and last you a week, we can often forget what true quality clothing can feel like. But this item was a healthy reminder. 

Find out More

The opportunity to support smaller brands and buy locally and sustainably is rare to find, but Sancho’s offers all three. To get involved make sure to check out the links and discounts below.

Sancho’s is available for online shopping via their website at where they also have information regarding their founding, values and item sourcing. They also run an Instagram account at @wowsancho full of style inspiration, sustainable tips and blog captures.

For an awesome 15% off at Sancho’s make sure to use cod ‘yay’ at the checkout. You can also sign up to their newsletter to be in with the chance of winning a £25 gift voucher weekly!

Thank you Sancho’s for being a true pioneer in the fast moving world of fashion, your passion and mind set is one to inspire many.

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