“Sustainable Can Look Good…” – Conversations with Dom Salunke

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Dom Salunke, master mind of @b1tcheswhobuytoomuch, to talk all things ‘slow fashion’. With her incredible knowledge of fashion and her trendy second-hand-sales across the coasts of Cornwall, her impact on waste culture hasn’t gone unnoticed.

With the world of fashion opening up to scrutiny from the public’s eagle eyes, our support turns to those putting the war on waste first. When a fast fashion brand goes as far as to produce a £50 bikini set suitable only for pool side posing, we know things have gone too far. But how can we remain stylish without an influx of next-day-deliveries at our doorstep?

“People just need to know how to look good in second hand clothes”

Dom is a lady who knows all too well how to look amazing in second hand clothing. With a degree in “Cordwainers in accessories” she has the tricks up her sleeves for transforming second hand into modern fashion, as well as the envision for the perfect outfit. Today, she transforms community spaces into fashion sales for B*tches who bought too much to sell on their much loved garments… and we love her for it.

I met with Dom in Falmouth, home of the next @b1tcheswhobuytoomuch event. Amongst other things, our chat fluttered back and forth between sustainability, ethical buying, waste culture and fashion itself. She spoke of second hand buying as ‘inspirational’ and something that opens up opportunity for creativity and flare. She rightly expressed a passion behind the fact that clothes don’t have a sell by date and that our waste culture is something to be embarrassed about.

It’s estimated that a massive £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year. From this, 190,000 tonnes of textile micro-plastic fibres end up in the oceans every year.

“It just doesn’t feel healthy to be constantly buying new stuff and building up clutter”

It became clear that environmental impact comes as a bonus to Dom’s sales. The @b1tcheswhobuytoomuch community is about loving fashion and finding second hand bargains whilst cutting waste. The events showcase people selling garments that have been loved and adored with the likes of high end brands and designer labels found amongst the rails. The opportunity of a purchase can be exciting for the fashion savvy. It feels as though the fact that buying second hand dramatically cuts carbon emissions as well as other things is an accidental byproduct. An accident that we can only be grateful for.

“I want these events to be a place where people find their new favourite thing”

I left our chat feeling like I had met someone who doesn’t just care about new styles, but someone who cares about offering old clothes a chance and a new lease at life. Dom’s passion for style and waste busting was truly at the heart of her community sales.  I was given more hope than anything, hope that maybe a sustainable world isn’t as hard as we thought. We just need more people like Dom, harnessing what they love and turning it into good practice.

So next time you’re browsing through click happy fashion outlets, give a thought to buying second hand. There are some amazing schemes out there nowadays, including the @b1tcheswhobuytoomuch sale to chose from. Dom is proof that avoiding wasteful consumerism can be fun, inspiring and ultimately stylish… you just have to look in the right places.

“Sustainable can look good….”

Thank you for chatting with me and being someone we can aspire to Dom. If you’re interested in checking out future sales or taking part, head over to Dom’s page at @B1itcheswhobuytoomuch.

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