Along came 2020

Happy New Year reader! I’ll admit, I’m a bit late to the game but who doesn’t need at least a week to recover from relaxation (or chaos as is the case for my Christmas)? I had planned and half-written a pre-Christmas post but as the festive season seems to always entail, something dreadful happens and your whole life is put on hold; just as you’re ‘supposed’ to  seem your happiest.

So here I am, a few weeks on with an oat milk Cappuccino in my hand, avoiding dairy like the plague because of my skins post-Christmas melt down, only just beginning to get back into the swing of things. My whole life I had never been swept up by the storm of New Year’s nor had I ever taken notice of resolutions. But now, after numerous knock-down events, kilos of cheese and gallons of rum and ginger beers I sit here feeling like now is a good time for change.

Of course I will preach to continue to fight for my environmental and humanitarian passions and like every other new year I shall try to manage my health and fitness, seeing how far into the year I can get before crumbling back into my chocolate loving ways. Still crawling out of my student over draft I expect I’ll also promise myself to travel here there and everywhere, pretending like I have enough money to feed my obsession. I will vow to drink more water, spend less money and snack on fruit and nuts rather than crisps and chocolate bars. But let’s be honest, I make these promises every week let alone every year…

So what is it about 2020 that is really changing for me? How can I make 2020 the ‘one’?

The answer is quite simple…. 2020 is about ME. Heck it’s the start of a new decade, why not make it a big one? I share this for everyone because I believe we deserve it. 2020 is about that moment when you sit back and say you know what, I’m going to make this decision for MY sake. In a world where not even governments or countries seem to be looking out for each other, I urge us all to make time for ourselves and not waste a minute of 2020 nor our entire lives. Hold the people that make you happy even closer and remove those who don’t. We only have so much energy, use it in the right places for the right people. Make an oath to yourself to see something new every week and to explore a new place every month. Widen your eyelids and learn new passions. Think about where YOU’RE going in your life, not how your life revolves around other peoples. Make career decisions for yourself, not for people who think they know what’s right for you. Mark 2020 as the start of the decade that put you where you wanted to be; make yourself proud in your 2030 ‘Ten Year Challenge’. Hey, I might even have enough time to get my fitness in shape.

Happy New Year Folks, Let’s make it a good one…  

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